Hyundai Elevators

Hyundai’s passenger freight elevators not only deliver the highest level of passenger comfort and safety, but are also efficient in delivery and design.

Hyundai Escalators

Ease the mobility and traffic in between the floors of commercial or ministerial spaces with Hyundai’s reliable and sturdy escalators.

Hyundai Moving Walks

Reduce long walking distances and increase accessibility with Hyundai’s moving walks which can either be flat or inclined.

Aritco Home & Platform Lift

Unlike elevators, platform lifts won’t require a pit at the bottom of the shaft nor a machine room on the roof. For accessibility, add it to either your home or office.

Hyundai Elevator Co.

Deal GTC the exclusive agent for Hyundai Elevators Co. Ltd. in Kuwait, has been supplying, installing and maintaining its elevators, escalators and moving walks since 2001.

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Aritco Home & Platform Lift

Deal GTC is the official agent for Aritco Home and Platform Lift in Kuwait, has been supplying and installing Aritco platform lifts for residential and commercial buildings since 2012.

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Deal GTC aids in the longevity of your mobility vehicles through after sales services. Maintenance and modernization can be either periodically scheduled or upon call.

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Deal GTC has a portfolio of over 1,000 units installed and rising throughout Kuwait from elevators, lifts, escalators and moving walks.

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